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About Us


(formerly AsiaPharm Biotech Pte Ltd)


Luye Pharma (Singapore) Pte Ltd is 100% owned by Luye Pharma Group Ltd, a public-listed company in Hong Kong and a leading pharmaceutical group in China.


 mission statement


Create a viable and profitable business in the development and marketing of evidence based and safe natural medicines for the benefit of everybody.

 business objective


Our primary objective is to identify, commercialise and market evidence-based natural and traditional Chinese and oriental medicines. To achieve this objective, we are supported by the research and development departments in Luye’s diverse group of companies including WBL-Peking University Biotech Co., Ltd (WPU).


We are also open to market external brands of natural products that are backed by strong clinical evidence.

 business activity


Our business activities include product development, innovative marketing, e-health commerce, health publication, distribution of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products and value-added investment.



HypoCol (pure strain red yeast rice) is an invention of the renowned Peking University, and is manufactured and distributed by Luye Pharma (Singapore) Pte Ltd.


WBL-Peking University Biotech Co., Ltd (WPU) is a high-tech joint venture enterprise between the internationally renowned Peking University of China and Hong Kong listed Luye Pharma Group Ltd. By combining advanced biotechnology and stringent quality control in its production process, consumers are always assured of only the best quality products from WPU.



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